The parents of the screen thought some things were just supposed to be and met at Ilvermorny. Her parents came from various backgrounds. Her dad Joseph Gabriel Boucher has been blended. Joseph’s tribe has been called the Metis. The Metis word implies Mixed blood from French back when distinct Sorts of European settler Men of Spanish, French, English, Scottish or Irish, wed Native American Ladies form Various tribes, like the Cree, Ojibwe, Algonquin, Mi’kmaq, Menominee or Maliseet. In the community rather than stating one is half that this or half , individuals of mixed blood have been called the Metis individuals. But the household of Anna was distinct, Anna’s household was blended together with Ojibwe and Cree .

Both Joseph and Anna climbed up in the community and they attended Anna from the Horned Serpent home and Ilvermorny Academy if they get to the age to go to school. While her parents were to celebrate their anniversary, the screen was created in Hawaii one day. She’s her dad Joseph Gabriel Boucher kid and also the first. Syreena is the earliest of the 3 Lebrice-Boucher kids. Syreena’s parents met while they were at college and attended school Ivermorny. Anna and joseph became buddies in giuong college before Joseph graduated and moved on to develop into an Auror. Her mom Anna continued her research and concentrated on attempting to choose what career path she needed to shoot after graduating.

During her this past year in college, Anna decided she wished to be a Healer to assist others. It was a couple of years after that Anna and Joseph had met just this time things were somewhat different. Anna had discovered that Joseph had a young child, a boy named Alexander that Joseph had in a former relationship the mom of Alexander had passed on because of complications. Joseph raised his son Alexander to his own how he is young and approaching Auror. After Anna and Joseph began dating, Anna took about the mother role model for Alexander and handled with the boy as her kid. After a couple of years after dating, Anna and Joseph chose to get married.