Exercise is a great way to stay fit for people of all age. Running helps in improving cardiovascular fitness. It has an impact on joints and muscles and it is very likely to cause injuries if the body is not adapted to such activities. So it is necessary for seniors to take proper precaution before going for a jog.

Here are a few jogging tips you need to keep in mind-

  1. Adjust your Goals. As we grow old, our body strength tends to decrease. The activities which were easier to do, get tougher with passing times. We lose muscle strength and aerobic capacity and we need more recovery time. It is necessary to know our limits and act accordingly. Activity goals must be adjusted according to our body conditions. Provide enough time to recovery.
  1. Get proper running shoes. Choose your shoes wisely. Uncomfortable and rough shoes will make it hard for you to run as well as cause injuries.
  1. Stay hydrated. Take with you a bottle of water. Running is strenuous and takes a lot of energy. It is wise to stay hydrated.
  1. Do warm-ups. Walk briskly for a few minutes and then pause to stretch my body and leg muscles a little before going for a run. This loosens up your muscle and prevents you from any cramps.
  1. Improve your balance. Improving balance is really helpful as we grow old. It reduces the risk of injuries. If you have good balance, it is less likely to fall. You can improve your balance by doing yoga poses like tree pose and eagle pose.
  1. Prevent injury. Don’t let any sort to injuries slide. Always be proactive in your approach towards any kind of warnings. Remember to take injury prevention steps such as regular massage, take more recovery time and use a foam roller. In case you face any injury, make sure to get in touch with a physician and local senior care agency or senior care provider.
  2. Take Recovery Time. Remember you are no longer young when you can easily bounce back. You need to listen to the needs of your body until you recover back to your actual form. Overstressing your body can cause some serious muscle damages. You may find that you feel better when you run every other day, as opposed to every day.

These are a few tips you can incorporate in your daily routine to stay safe.